Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Again some hot glue work!

Few days ago I finally finished these two makeovers. These were plain dark blue planners but now they look way better. At least I think so. :D
Though, I'm not so satisfied with the green-blue one. Didn't turned out the way I planned, but it's not that bad either.

What do you think? :)

Bigger planner

Smaller planner


Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Decor Ideas: Yellow

Here's another post with interesting colorful interior designs. This post is dedicated to yellow color! Did you know there are 52 shades of yellow?! :)
Yellow symbolizes wisdom.
Yellow means joy and happiness.
People of high intellect favor yellow.
People who are blind to other colors can usually see yellow.
Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy.
My favorite yellow combinations are in photos #1, #3 and #4. :)

Which is your favorite? :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

IKEA Wishlist: Home Decor

And here's some home decor stuff I would like to get from IKEA. I really like how they have a huge choice and I especially like their prices :D

As you can see I like different styles, but I just can't help myself. I want it all, I want it now. :D






Kitchen details

Bedroom stuff

Anything you like? :)


IKEA Wishlist: Fabrics

Unfortunately, I don't have IKEA store anywhere near me so for now I can only have a wishlist when it comes to their stuff. They really have many interesting and nice home decor details but this post will be about IKEA fabrics that I loved when I saw their photo and would really like to get my hands on those. :)

What do you think? Have you bought any IKEA fabrics? Are they any good? :)


Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Decor Ideas: Purple

I love to watch some interesting and nice interior designs so I wanted to share some things that I like with you.
Since I'm into purple colors for years now, I'll start with that. I would love to have a room painted in purple. Not all walls, but just one wall which would stand out. And of course, some purple details. :)
How do you like purple color when it comes to home decor? :)

Your favorite? :)
I like 1st and the 4th picture the most.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Lamp shade makeover!

Some time ago my lamp shade cracked at the top (the part which was glued to the frame cracked) so I had to take it off and consider eather getting a new one, or perhaps try to fix the old one. Since my finacial situation isn't so great at the moment and I just couldn't afford a new lamp, I decided to give a makeover to my old one and now you can see how it turned out!

It might seem like an easy job, and it actually is, but the whole process wasn't going as I planned. I didn't have all the tools which would be useful to have so I had to manage myself. It didn't turned out so perfect, but I'm satisfied with my first try. Now I have to give a makeover to my other lamp shade too (at the moment I have 2 different lamps in my bedroom :D ).

Here's a *before* look:

And here's how it looks after my makeover:

Follow me after the cut to see how to give your lamp shade a makeover! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My work with wire!

Here are some of mine works I did before while I was using wire. I hope I'll get back to that ahain, but this time I'll hopefully start using silver wire instead of stainless steel (though I like that wire too, but silver is silver, you know?).

So, what do you think? :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Give your planner a makeover!

Yeah, I'm a person that easily gets addicted to everything that's cool so from yesterday I'm officialy addicted to hot glue :D So, since yesterdays work wasn't enough for me, I decided to make up my favorite planner (I actually didn't have a favorite one until now :D ).

Anyway, Here I used 2 layers of acrylic color, patina and of course - hot glue (these bubbles were made with hot glue, they're not cabochones though you can easily get confused!).

Here are my pics and this is definitely my last post for today. It's been enough. :D

The color isn't so bright, the lightning was completely off. It's more like navy blue.

And, that's it! The other side is still navy blue, but I think I'll go with decoupage to cover the back side. Will show you how that turned out too. :)

What do you think of my old-new planner? :)

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