Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tagged in 'I love' game!

Izzy from Izzy creations tagged me in a game called 'I love' so I have to write down 10 things I love. Huh, this won't be an easy game since I love so many things but, here we go... :)

1.) make up
I love it to the point that some people (most people, to be honest) might think I'm obsessed. I have so many beauty products that I don't even have space for the new ones any more. And I have to get another makeup train case (which I already own 2 of them). :D

2.) everything about vintage and shabby chic styles
I really like shabby chic interior design and I love vintage clothes! Too bad I don't have anything in thoose 2 styles, but someday I will. That's for sure. :)

3.) my computer
I'm not sure I could live without my computer. Or Internet, but that's a whole another topic. :D

4.) crime and chick lit books
Okay, crime and chick lit don't actually go together but I like to read such books. It just relaxes me. :)

5.) music
I always listen to music no matter what I do. I just can't work without it. I don't like silence.

6.) photography
I'm not good of taking photos of anything unless it's my jewelry, but I like to watch what other can do with their cameras. It's so inspiring!

7.) makeovers
Any kind of makeovers. I simply enjoy watching before-after pictures.

8.) my mess
Yes, I like my mess. Especially when I'm working on something like these days. That's actually the only way I can be crafty. :D

9.) blankets
I can't fall a sleep unless I'm covered with my favorite blanket. :D

10.) over-sized jewelry
I'm not wearing any jewelry though I make it, but if I did, I'd probably wear over-sized jewelry (necklaces mostly). I just love such big jewelry, it gives such a nice touch to the whole look. :)

So, there's my 10 things I love. It's in no special order, I wrote them down as they crossed my mind. :)

Rules of the game "I love":
  • Write in your post who invited you to this game.
  • Write down 10 things you love.
  • Invite another 10 bloggers to the game.  
Unfortunately, I don't have 10 crafty friends at the moment since I'm new here, so I'll invite someone a bit later, when I get familiar with people arond here. :)

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